Everywhere we look these days, it's easy to spot fashion girls wearing activewear + comfy basics. Clearly, athleisure is the new daytime dress-code for boss babes who are always on the move, and we wanted to find out why.

So we caught up with one of our fave gurls, Zelata Kogan, for a quick convo about how and why she styles athleisure on the regular. 

Check out Zelata's take on a typical day in the life of a true #ardenebabe.

9:00 am - Making breakfast for me + bae

I don't think I could ever hit the gym without having a healthy breakfast first + drinking enough water. I also love snacks... as you can see from the jar of Nutella hidden in this pic. 

12:00 pm - Meeting the gurls for lunch

I'm a huge fan of walking everywhere so comfortable footwear = must-have. Ok, I realize that walking in the winter is hard, so I do it whenever I can!

3:00 pm - Getting some work done

I'm working on so many fun new projects ahh! Having a job like mine means moving around all day, so I have to be comfy + unrestricted by my outfit.

Also, the MOVE satin joggers I'm wearing here are everything.

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Insta: @thezelatakogan
Snap: thezelata
Photography: @david_maman

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xo, Ardene

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