Meet Zelata Kogan, she’s one of our fave local #ardenebabes, and we’re kinda obsessed. 

We’ve been hanging with Zelata for a while now (you might even recognize her from our Oscars party last year), and we’re hella excited to announce our latest holiday collaboration.

We sat down with Zelata to find out what she’s been up to and to talk holiday style from the point of view of an amazingly entrepreneurial babe.

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Now for the good stuff:

You’re gonna be sharing some amazing Ardene stuff over the holidays. What are your favorite pieces and why?
I have a recent obsession with velvet so I am super excited to wear the velvet black leggings. Another piece that I love is the long satin bomber jacket. It’s a satin bomber jacket…. Need I say more? 

Would you say you’re a #selflessgifter or a #selfishgifter?
I am definitely a #selflessgifter. I really enjoy picking out gifts for loved ones. My favorite part is when they tell you that your gift was the best.

PJs or Party Dresses?
PJs for the win. Staying in and ordering pizza with my besties > going out.

What’s your fave way to share content with the Zelata community?
I love talking to my followers on Snapchat. I think Snapchat is more of a personal platform than Instagram and I definitely engage and connect more with my followers on Snap.

Tell us why everyone should be following you right now.
Apart from the amazing stuff and the fact that I'll be sharing an exclusive Ardene coupon code for my followers over the holidays!? lol. 

Other than that, my life is pretty boring as I am currently completing the last 5 weeks of my University degree, but you guys should definitely follow me because as soon as I graduate, I will be doing a bunch of exciting things such as travelling. J

What’s the best part of your job?
Trying new things and being able to share them with my followers. Honestly the best part is when people send me messages saying that I inspired them to do something they would have never tried or when they ask me for advice. It honestly really touches me and I ALWAYS respond.

How would you describe your personal style?
Casual chic. Comfort is key. I am a big fan of white t-shirts and skinny jeans. If I need to dress up I am most likely going to switch my running shoes for a pair of heels and call it a night.

What are you wearing out this weekend?
Oversized hoodie, fishnet tights, ripped denim and a leather jacket.

Any advice for aspiring influencers and bloggers?
I know this will sound cheesy but DON’T GIVE UP. It’s a super tough market and everyone is trying to make it, but you need to remember that you are unique and that you can do anything you aspire to. If something doesn’t work out just try something else and learn why that other thing didn’t work out.

I'll be sharing some pretty lit Ardene products on Snapchat during the holidays, including some of their hottest looks, PJs, and ballin’ holiday collection (hellooo, party season).

Keep and eye out cause I'll also be sharing an exclusive Ardene coupon code on Snapchat sometime soon – so follow me rn!

Insta: @thezelatakogan
Snap: thezelata

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