By now, you’ve probably survived the craziness that is the first day of school.

We hate to break it to you, but homework, work-work, and paperwork are gonna start rolling in.

Grab a paper bag.
K. Now, breathe.

To keep you from going completely insane, we’re gonna walk you through how to organize your life… cause we’re experts on that … *cough cough*

Really, though. We know a thing or two about locker hacks, note-taking, and making sure your organizational skills are on point.

Get Organized:

1. Carry a notebook and an agenda with a calendar. One
for taking detailed notes. One for the deadlines.

2. Make a to-do list every day. Rewrite the stuff you
didn’t do today on tomorrow’s list.

2. Keep everything all in one place. A backpack, your
desk, your locker. Whatever. Know where to find stuff.

3. Leave yourself reminders! Sticky notes
and magnet boards are good for this. 

4. Carry your essentials if you have back-to-back
classes and won’t be home all day.
Phone charger: check. Water bottle: check.

5. Take breaks.

6. Do it all to your own beat. Find ways to motivate yourself
into staying organized this year. Like... how we treat ourselves
with candy and good music when a task is complete.

You got this.

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xo, Ardene

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