Time to pile it on, ladies: layering season has arrived. We're particularly excited about bombers, cardigans, parkas, boots, sweaters, turtlenecks, mocknecks... k, we're excited about all of it.

If it's still too hot during the day, but chilly at night, don't sweat it. The shoulder-drape is a perfectly acceptable way to wear your bomber jacket. Or tie your plaid shirt around your waist.

Get your layering game in order with these 4 foolproof outfit formulas that work every time:

1. Slip Dress + Basic Tee + Bomber
1. Down Bomber Jacket 2. Short Sleeve Bodysuit 3. Slip Dress 4. Floral Bomber Jacket

2. Denim + Sweatshirt + Denim Jacket (or denim on denim on denim on denim).
3. Plaid + Ripped Denim + Leather Jacket.
1. Classic Leather Jacket 2. Biker Leather Jacket 3. Plaid Shirt 4. Ripped Girlfriend Denim in Vine

4. Overalls + Graphic Tee + Parka  (bonus if you add Knee Highs + Boots).
1. Utilitarian Parka 2. Born on the Internet Graphic Tee 3. Denim Skirt Overalls 4. Hoodie Parka

And now we wait for the leaves to turn.

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