If you haven't already seen the Netflix original, Stranger Things, you've been seriously missing out. It's the coolest nod to 80s and 90s nostalgia we've seen in forever. Netflix also just confirmed a second season...yes!

The story begins in 1983, in small town Indiana, where a young boy goes missing. When the town starts looking for him, unexplainable things start happening. You'll be pulled into a world of supernatural government conspiracy, full of secrets and mystery. 

And come on, Winona Ryder is in it, so you know it's legit. If you don't believe us, watch the trailer

As if nostalgic science fiction wasn't enough, the soundtrack is also next level. You might even say it's in a whole other time and space. 

We've included the official Netflix playlist here (you're welcome):

Seriously, go watch the show. Maybe leave the lights on.

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xo, Ardene

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