We’re really into denim DIYs these days. Maybe it’s our new EightyTwo Denim line, the cute pins and patches we’ve got going on in stores, or our contest to win $500 of denim

Either way, we wanted to share a few tricks of the trade so you can get inspired to make your own denim DIY!

Check it out.

1. Grab supplies. Scissors, thread, a sewing needle, iron, pins and patches, craft plastic, fabric markers, a Bedazzler – pretty much anything you can think of.

2. Iron On and Sew - Don't forget to lay out your design first.

4. Add Pins - Wherever you want!

5. Do Some Cut Outs - Cut out any shape you want. Then, add a layer of clear craft plastic inside the jacket. Hold it in place using the Bedazzler. You’ve gotta press down hard!

6. Use a Fabric Marker – We didn’t use it this time, but it’s super cute to write out your fave quote or saying!

You can be as creative as you want when it comes to your very own denim DIY. Don’t forget to share yours with us on Insta using #ardenelove and #82denim!

p.s.: We’re so into our denim, we’ve even gone on a Denim Tour in Quebec and Ontario. Check Insta for details!

xo, Ardene 

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