Fast food vs. your healthy lifestyle… it feels like a battle you just can’t win. The struggle is real.

Today is international hamburger day, and we’ve been panicking all week about how to get through it with our good eating habits intact.

Because the truth is: there’s nothing better than biting into a juicy burger, cooked to perfection and sandwiched in a big brioche bun, slathered with cheese, pickles and spicy mayo…


So, how does one survive International Hamburger Day?

Read on, food lovers.

Make It Yourself
Do some home-cooking. You’ll know exactly what goes into your meal.

Go Bun Free
Eat your burger like a carnivorous rabbit. Over lettuce, sans bun.

Swap for Veg Options
Choose veggie options. Tofu, portobello, or even lean meat like ground turkey will reduce your fat intake.

Cut the Extras
Ditch the side of fries and make friends with salad.

Make It a Cheat Day
Give yourself a day pass. This is a love affair you just can’t quit.

Happy eating!

xo, Ardene

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