Welcome to summer, weekend dreamers. The May 20th long weekend marks the start of a beautiful thing – a season of sunshine, poolside hanging, and positive vibes. We’re so ready.

And if you have an adventure planned for the days off, we’ve got you covered.

It's time to pack. Save space, maximize your style, stay entertained, and avoid getting hangry.

Check it out 👇

Pack a Scarf – A scarf is a flexible favourite. It’s a blanket, sweater, beach towel, and carry-all.  
Bring Plastic Bags – You may have to store a wet bathing suit or loose accessories.
Bring a Water Bottle – It’s so important to stay hydrated while traveling.
Wear Sunscreen – Do it.
Bring Travel Sizes – Carry essential cosmetics only.
Pick a Colour Scheme – This way all your looks are coordinated.
Rock Leggings or ShortsComfy bottoms are the best for car rides and jet sets.
Ditch the Camera – You have a phone, and you’re a great insta photographer, anyway.
Set Up Your Soundtrack – Ahead of time! Follow ArdeneRocks on Spotify. 
Fabric Freshener is Your BFF – Dryer sheets or essential oil spray will keep your items fresh.
Organize Your Chargers – Put your power cords in an empty sunglasses case. Smaaart!
Wear a Hat – You’ll look cute and practical.
Make a Snack – Don’t rely on rest stops. Bring your own and avoid getting cranky.
Get Insta Advice – Eat and sight-see like a local by checking local hashtags. #bestdrinksin______
Roll Your Clothes – You’ll fit more this way.
Dry Shampoo – It’ll save you time and space! You still have to take a shower tho.
Two-Shoe Rule – A pair on your feet and a pair in your bag.
Moisturize and Sanitize – Step 1. Hand Sanitizer. Step 2. Moisturizer. Step 3. Repeat.
Airplane Mode – You’ll thank us when your phone has battery at the end of the drive.
Leave Room for Souvenirs – In your heart and in your bag! J

Wherever you go, you’re gonna kill it with your cleverly packed carry-on. Other travelers will be sooo jelly.

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We’re outta here!

xo, Ardene

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