Music Mondays are usually about ... well music! But not today.
 Today, we decided to talk about the 5 best musical movies that every music lover needs to watch right now. (If you haven't already).

1. SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN: This documentary tells the story of a '70s rock icon that never was: Rodriguez. While his album was a total failure in the United States, he became a big rock star in South Africa and he never even knew! Years later, two South Africans discover their musical hero: the mysterious Rodriguez. This story is so crazy... it will give you chills. 

2. SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER: Get ready to dance your you know what off. This movie brings us back to the disco era with great music, amazing dancing and John Travolta's ultra famous hip moves.

3. MUSCLE SHOALS: We always remember the artists in the band, but what about the people  behind each masterpiece? This documentary tells the story of the studio musicians and producers behind some of the biggest rock, blues and R&B classics of our time!

4. THE WEDDING SINGER: 'Cause we love Adam Sandler! Every music lover with a sense of humour needs to see this classic comedy.

5. ALMOST FAMOUS: We can't tell you guys how many times we've watched this movie...It's actually a problem.  This is the story of a young music journalist who gets hired by Rolling Stone magazine to follow a bunch of rock stars around the country! #goals

Happy Music Monday!!


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