When you think Festival, you think fashion, chilling, music, dancing and getting a killer tan... And while that's quite true, festivals are rad, but they are also really tiring.   

The following tips will help you survive 12 hour days in Desert (or any other festival location) Take it from us who have been to our fair share of fests...these tips will guarantee an awesome festival season! 

1- Eat light, but make sure to eat! Grab a little snack just before heading out = salads, fruits, veggies, crackers. There's nothing worse than standing in the sun with a heavy stomach. Or any empty one. Bring granola bars, fruits and ok... maybe allow yourself a taco or 2...or 3... ‘cause we all deserve a taco from time to time. 

2- Hats and sunglasses are mucho necessary. Sunnies will help you see your favourite artists better & a hat will protect you from burning the top of your beautiful head. Ouch! Take a cue from @julesdenby and how she styled our festival collection 👇

3- Wear closed shoes. Omg, we can't say this enough. Festival grounds tend to be dirty, dusty and dangerous. So forget about those nice sandals and protect your toes from dirt and even worse, from getting squished by others who got the "wear boots memo". Our combat boots are what's up. 
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4- Bring an external phone battery! You're gonna be Instagramming and Snapchatting your life away, so you're going to want an external battery. Maybe two. With so many people at the festival, your phone will constantly try to connect to a server which totally drains your battery.  Pro tip: Put your phone on air plane mode until you're ready to post something. If all else fails, you can upload your Snapchat stories and publish them as soon as you leave the grounds. The best way to ensure you have enough juice, is to have external batteries on you... fully charged just like @elsywood 👇 *Available in stores. 
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5- Have a game plan! You need the schedule of each day in advance, and friends that like the same music as you! You also need to accept that you won’t be able to see every show L Also plan for a little bit of down time to rest between sets, just like @tess_and_sarah 👇

6- Water! Carry a water bottle with you at all times. It’s so beyond important to stay hydrated. Spot the water bottle filling stations and make sure to visit it often during the day if you want to rock out all night! 

7- Have fun! Meet new people from all around the world and enjoy your favourite bands together! 
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Want to attend a festival in San Francisco with us this summer? All the deets are here

- ✌️

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