According to legend, dreamcatchers attract both good and bad dreams into their webs. When a bad dream comes, it gets tangled in the web and stays there till morning. When a good dream comes, it passes through the centre of the web and slides down the feathers on to the sleepers head! So magical right? 

Without further ado, here's the perfect DIY to help you sleep tight! 💤

* Try to use natural materials such as branches, wood,  natural cord, feathers, etc. Not only will it make it more beautiful, it will also make it more efficient.

- A hoop * You can use an embroidery hoop but we used branches and made our own. 
- Feathers * Any kind will do, but to be really on top of your game, you can decorate you own feathers. Check out our previous DIY for tips and tricks.
- Beads * We used wooden beads 
- Thread
- Glue
- Good ol' scissors

Step 1: Start by creating your hoop. We made our own with fresh branches. It’s important to use fresh off the tree branches so that they don’t break when you curve them. Secure the hoop using cord. This is the core of your dream catcher, so really take your time making the hoop sturdy and solid. 

Step 2: Make your web. Now, there’s tons of different techniques to make a web. Some are much more difficult than others but we decided to not complicate your life. 😺  Use the cord to make a cool pattern in the hoop using knots here and there. 

Step 3: Add feathers! Decide how long you want the feathers to hang and cut 3 pieces of cord accordingly.  Tie them to the hoop, then glue the feathers to the bottom of each cord. We added beads above the feathers, but it's not a must. 

Step 4: Add a little loop up top to hang your dream catcher!

Now that you have your own dreamcatcher, place it in your room next to your bed where it can catch morning light. Once the sun rises, all bad dreams that were stuck from the night before will disappear! J

On that note... dream on ya'll! 


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