After a weekend spent dancing barefoot (but like not really because eww) under the hot sun of Palm Springs, we bring back amazing Coachella memories and tons of sick stories to share! 

This year, the festival highlight was Guns N' Roses fo sho. Coachella went wild on Saturday night when the band finally appeared on stage. We could feel the energy for the entire 3 hours from where we were standing... which was like 5 km from the stage btw #lifehappens.

Also, Rihanna's special appearance on Calvin Harris' set was double bomb! The whole thing was just un-real. 

Finally, Sia had the most stellar performance. She started on stage with her classic black and white half-face wig... and we knew right away this wasn't going to be a typical Coachella set.  

Here's our take on this mint weekend! 


Never want Chella to end... :( 

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- ✌️

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