Our new festival collection will make you want to dance in the desert. Guaranteed. But since the desert is not accessible to all of us... We thought of a way to bring the desert to you so you can free your desert heart even at home.. How, you say? Grow your own cactus! 

-Mini mason jars
-Cactus seeds (we got ours here.) 
-Cactus soil
-Saran wrap
-Spray bottle
-Paint, paint brushes & rope 

1.       Put cactus soil mix in your mason jar & sprinkle the seeds evenly over the surface of the soil. 

2.       Sprinkle soil over the seeds until they are just covered.

3.       Spray the soil with water so it is moist.

4.       Cover the container with saran wrap & put it under bright light but not in full sun. 

5.       Make sure that your soil is always moist. 

6.       Tick tock... wait for your cactus to grow!

TADA! Share your cactus with us on Insta using #ardenediy!

Click right here to find out how to care for your new plant. Don't forget to water it at least once a week!


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