Canada is known for it's maple syrup, super pretty girls, hockey and Ryan Gosling, eh? But what about all the insanely awesome Canadian indie bands? 

From our very own backyard, we're loving: Po Lazarus.

Straight outta Montreal, this indie-folk band was featured in our brand new Spring video Daydream Believer (check it out here). "If You Are Alone" is the sweetest song we've heard in a long time.
They're actually touring and will be in Ottawa on Friday. If you love Father John Misty's vibes, you'll love these guys! 

We're loving: The Strumbellas.

These guys are from the T-Dot, also in the indie-rock vein of music. We've been obsessed with their latest single "Spirits" that will be featured on their upcoming album coming out in April. This is the type of song you quote on social, people!! They're also currently touring the Maritimes and are heading down to the States soon.

We're loving : Japandroids.

A surf-rock borderline punk type duo, Japandroids hails from Van City, which means they've been catching waves to inspire their instruments since forever. We love "The House That Heaven Built" because it's the type of song that can get you really excited about a sunny road trip. Check out their Spotify and get ready to play air drums.

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Happy Monday xo

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