Staying on track with your fitness resolutions can get tricky once you hit mid-January. Should I keep working out? Is this another one of my "resolutions" that I won't keep? How am I gonna keep going since my friends already bailed? 

Have no fear, the digital world is here. You know the expression "there's an app for that"? Well, there's an app for your workout, literally.

Here are our TOP 5 workout apps to help you achieve your #GOALS.

1. Runkeeper - For the outdoorsy types: runners, cyclists, hikers and more can track their activities during and after their workout. Every part of your fitness routine is documented in graphs and lists: time, calories, speed, inclination, last run, you name it! Plus, you can connect directly to Spotify. We likey.
Good for: those who like exercising outside. The GPS provides you with a plan!

2. Sworkit - For the multitasker. Those who like to do all kinds of fitness like yoga, cardio, stretching, etc. can select what they're planning to do that day and for how long. 
Good for: those on a schedule! Sworkit is a timer-based app.

3. JEFIT - For the rookie: individuals without much fitness experience can grab already-made workouts created by trainers. Find out what your needs are and the perfect workout will be selected for you. Keep track of your progress with your logs!
Good for: those who are new to weights and all that gym equipment.

4. MyFitnessPal - For the calorie-counters: MyFitnessPal is more food intake-oriented, so you can log what you eat in a day. You can also enter the exercises you've completed to find out how much you burned.
Good for: those trying to be healthier with the food they eat. 

5. Pact - For the gutsy athletic type. Here's how it works: workout and get paid, or skip a workout and pay up! It's not a huge amount, but it's enough to get you motivated. She who misses a workout ends up paying she who stayed committed.
Good for: those who need a real push to complete their workouts, even if it means including their wallets.

Don't forget to play the awesome pump-up music playlist that we've made for you. It definitely makes a fitness sesh that much better. Plus, it'll motivate you to not be this dog:

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Happy workout xo 

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  1. Sworkit sounds like it would be a good option for me. I have never heard of that app before. It certainly has a catchy name. I think that would be even better if it could coordinate other activities on it at the same time. Maybe it has features which allow men and women to do that. I'll have to check it out.

    Catarina @ Wild Fitness