Hair is an extraordinary thing, but sometimes we need to give it some extra TLC. 
Here are some new ways to get rid of troublesome hair problems depending on your hair type!

If you're a Frizz Master... 
Your hair reminds you of those bales of hay in the fields where cows roam freely. Not a good look, and not a good feeling. 

What you need to do:
-Towel dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt (squeeze the water out, don't rub!). Towels tend to create frizz.
-Ditch the brush and go for a wide-tooth comb.
-Use a quarter size amount of jojoba oil (btw it's pronounced huh-ho-buh) all over for 10 minutes and rinse out.

If you live in Splitsville...
Your hair is splitting like string cheese and breaking off at the bottom? No bueno. You're probably having a hard time growing out your hair, too.

What you need to do:
-Guuuuurl you need a cut! Ask for a split end removal. It hurts to see those hairs hit the floor, but it'll hurt more if you wait and your hair just falls off on its own.
-Use a split end binding treatment to prevent future splits until your next haircut, like avocado. That's right: mash up an avocado and massage it into the ends. After 30 minutes, rinse out.

If your roots look like John Travolta's in Grease...
So you go from Great Hair Day to Holy Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Oh well, at least it's not damaging, right?

What you need to do:
-Stop playing with your hair. The constant touching of the scalp activates the glands to shoot out sebum aka greasy scalp syndrome. 
-Use that dry shampoo. Bring it with you everywhere. There's no shame in freshening up! Plus, washing it too much sends signals to your scalp to make MORE oil. This gives your hair a break.

If your hair's not as bright as your future...
Sup, Dully McDullardon? Got any plans with your lifeless hair this weekend?

What you need to do:
-Rinse conditioner out with cool water. The cold will seal the cuticles shut for max shine.
-Get a spray bottle and add lemon juice and water. Spritz on hair for added shine.

If your hair sponsors the Olympic winter games...
Your scalp is itchy AND it's flaking. Like really, life?

What you need to do:
-DIY a rosemary rinse: 1 c. boiling water + 1 tsp. rosemary, let sit, strain, and pour on hair. Use it every time you wash your hair. 
-Use Listerine! You heard us... 2 parts water, 1 part Listerine. Pour on scalp, massage, and rinse after 30 minutes!

Let us know in the comments below what your hair challenge is, and if you've ever dealt with a hair catastrophe!

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