Got all kinds of parties to attend during the holidays? Make sure you've got the perfect outfit for each outing.

Party look #1: Turtleneck dress + suede vest.
Perfect for: Dinner with family.
Why: LBH, your Mom and Grandma insist you wear a dress, right? Totes fine if you've got a casual turtleneck/sweater dress. Style it up with a suede vest for a boho-holiday look that's a little more your speed. You'll for sure end up wearing this again with a jean vest or a leather jacket somewhere down the road. We promise. 

Party look #2: Fuzzy sweater paisley flares.
Perfect for: Chill holiday house party. 
Why: You don't want to be wearing a dress at a chill house party. You'll be kicking up your feet and possibly sitting on folding chairs...Maybe even the floor! But you still want to be stylin'. With a pair of velvet flares ( which are next level comfy) and a fuzzy sweater, you'll be cozy, casual, and the trendiest person at the party. 

Party look #3: Fashion top + Skirt.
Perfect for: Work holiday party.  
Why: You see each other every day at the office in a more casual setting. Office parties are the perfect occasion to take it up a notch in the style department! A skirt and cute suede top are 100% appropriate and will for sure impress your colleagues. Go heavier on the makeup and style your hair differently than usual. 

Perfect for: A night out in the city 
Why: This outfit screams style. The lace up trend is everywhere right now, and you can't go wrong with a suede mini skirt and knee high socks to balance out the look! 

 We wanna see your Holiday looks... so don't forget to tag your Insta pics with #ardenelove!


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