OMG Adele where have you been, young lady?! We've been worried sick!

We wanted to give it 10 days before talking about it. Because literally EVERYONE was talking about it.

Adele is BACK after 3 years of silence (her last song was Skyfall for the James Bond movie). Not only is she back, but she's released a song and music video (directed by none other than Xavier Dolan) called Hello, and it's everything we've ever wanted.

And here's why it's great:

1. It gives us the mega feels. It's perfect for crying, singing, reminiscing, and calling up your ex-boyfriend and being like heyyyyyy...

2. The video makes you question everything you've ever thought about flip phones.
Xavier Dolan explained in an interview that he doesn't like using modern technology in his movies because it brings the audience back into reality.
Guess that makes sense.

3. It makes you put it on "repeat." It's like Someone Like You, it's a classic, and it'll always be good.

4. It's beaten records in record time (no pun intended). The music video for the song broke the VEVO record by achieving over 27.7 million views in 24 hours, held previously by T-Swift's "Bad Blood" (20.1 million views). You go, girl.

5. The music video was filmed on a farm in Quebec, which is pretty cool. Now the whole world knows we don't get reception in the Eastern Townships.

Or do we.

Comment below and let us know how many times you've listened to it already (don't lie, we know it's a lot).

Happy musical Monday xo

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