Christmas and snow globes go hand in hand. Shake that globe, make a wish, and hope it will come true!
We've made our very own magic in a jar and we're of course sharing it all with you.

Here's how to create magic in a mason jar:


A Mason jar
Fake snow flakes 
Winter figurines (we used tiny trees!) 
Floor Finish (we used the Pledge kind)
 Plaid Fabric (like an old shirt or tablecloth you can cut up)

Step 1: Glue the little trees onto the lids of the Mason Jars and let them dry.

Step 2: To make some of the snow flakes stick to the sides of the jar,  put a tablespoon of pledge floor finish in there. Shake it well so the pledge goes all over the sides of the jar, then let dry for 2 minutes upside down (the excess floor finish will leak out). Add a little bit of snow in the jar, shake and voila! 

Step 3: Add as many snow flakes as you wish once the floor finish is completely dry. Then, add the lid with your little trees on top.

Step 4: Cut a small piece of fabric and screw the band slowly over the lid. Cut the excess fabric.

Step 5: Add some twine rope for an extra shabby chic effect.

Voila!!! You just made a winter wonderland in a jar! These are awesome stocking stuffers or cute gifts to give friends, teachers or coworkers!

Don't forget to share your winter DIYs using #ardenediy on Insta! 

Ardene -xox-

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