So it's Black Friday, and all we want to do is buy a whole new wardrobe! 

In the spirit of Black Fri-Yay, we thought we'd share 10 truths about girls rocking #ALLBLACKEVERYTHING, all the time. 

1. Wearing all black does not mean you're unhappy. Or that you're gothic...Let's just clear that up right away.

2. Trying new styles can be risky, but with black you're more comfortable to take those risks 'cause it's just easier to pull off!   
3. You waste no time getting ready in the morning looking for something to match the piece you really want to wear. You can create multiple combinations, and much quicker than your friends. #winning 
4. Laundry is super chill. There's no way you can turn a black sweater pink.

4. There a slew of super successful women who have shamelessly rocked all black errythang. 
Grace Coddington and Kelly Cutrone to name a few. 

5. Just remember, it shouldn't bother anyone that you're wearing all black cause if they need you to wear colors or floral prints to make them happy....then they need to reassess some stuff in life. 

6. It makes a serious statement. #bold #unafraid 

7. While making a statement, you never look like you're trying too hard. 

8. It makes shopping for nail polish, lipstick and accessories so.much.fun. 

9. You'll always look appropriate no matter where you go.

10. Your mom may not love it, but she loves you, and that's all that matters! 

Shop #allblackeverything now cause you could save up to 50% off! 


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