So Thanksgiving is coming and we are all wondering what to wear for Thanksgiving dinner... Even if we are all thankful for so many things this year, let's just NOT take our style for granted and put a little thinking behind it. 

To help you pick your perfect outfit, we've put together 3 styles that would fit 3 completely different personalities! 

Are you more edgy, romantic or "à la garçonne"? Here are 3 perfect styles for your turkey dinner: 
  1. The edgy classic: Add high knee socks and choker necklaces to this shift dress and your look will be all but ordinary. Brownie points for the baby bun.
  2. The à la garçonne: If you're not a dress type of girl... It's all good! Go for a blouse with simple jeans! Button it all the way up, and you'll be Grandma's fave grandchild again.
  3. The romantic hippie: Style this black floral dress with some combat boots and voilà, you'll be the cutest girl at dinner without a doubt. You'll even be cute while you're stuffing your face...with stuffing.

Shop the styles here

Happy Thanksgiving festivities 

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