White magic is magic used for good purposes only... and what better purpose than to use white magic to get a date with your crush?! October is the perfect month to let the universe bring bae to you. So get your witchy side ready! 

Here are a few things you need to know before practicing white magic: 

  1. Spells must be done with care.
  2. You must always clear your mind before practicing white magic.
  3. If you rush a spell = it won't work.

Now that you are ready and clear-headed, here's what you need:

  1. White Candles (a single candle will do)
  2. Rosemary (Fresh Rosemary works best but if you only have dried it's ok) 
  3. A spoon or cone to blow out the candle 
  4. The incantation: a series of words said out loud for a magic spell or charm

But...where are the rose petals? It's a love spell after all, right?
NO! NO! NO! We're talking real magic here! 

The ritual
*Find a quiet place and don't rush in getting ready.*
*Take some time to concentrate on your crush's qualities.*
*Light up the candle(s).*

*Visualize your crush*
*Sprinkle the rosemary on your candle and say the incantation* 

 "These are the things that I like about you, I ask the universe above; send me my one and only love."

While you say this you need to maintain concentration. Repeat it until you lose all concentration. When you are done, blow out the candle by using a cone or a metal spoon. It's more effective than to just blow on the candle. 

Now let the Magic do its thing! And remember, MAGIC is also believing in yourself, so if you can do this spell... You can make anything happen! 

Happy October everyone! 

** This spell also allows you to go back in time and listen to this week's MUSIC MONDAY song I put a spell on you

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