San Fran is in literally 4 days, and we want to look like we're heading to Woodstock in 1969. What better way to vamp up your wardrobe than to DIY your own peacy bell bottoms?

Follow me, friend. I'll show you how to look totally cool.
Here's what you need for those hippie vibes flares:

-A pair of denim jeans (new or old!)
-Fabric scissors
-Double sided hemming tape or fabric glue
-Extra fabric or denim
-Hippie style patches
*If you've got all the equipment to do some actual sewing, by all means! We just stuck to glue (get it?! #dadjokes)
Step 1: With your scissors, cut off the hem and up the side all the way to the knee. Repeat on both legs.
Step 2: Turn your jeans inside out. With your extra fabric or denim, cut out 2 flare inserts of the same size as your openings.
Step 3: Put fabric glue along the seams and glue your inserts face down. You can weigh the fabric down with objects to make sure the glue stays in place until it is completely dry, at least 24 hours.
Step 4: When everything is dry and your inserts are glued in place, you can turn your jeans right side out again.

Step 5: Position your patches and iron them on! You can even use scraps from your denim to cut up flowers to glue on.

Final result:
Throw on some suede boots and you've got yourself a festival worthy look! And to inspire you while you're boho-ing your jeans, here is an awesome tune we can't wait to hear live: Chet Faker's latest 1998 feat. Banks.

Enjoy! xox

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