BIG NEWS, GUYS! We're doing a sweet collab with DC Comics™ for an amazing contest!!! Click here if you wanna participate.
For the contest, you have to take THE MOST EPIC BATGIRL SELFIE EVER!! But first, let us tell you how to take the best selfie ever so you can win!
sel·fie  ˈselfē/
noun. A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.

Step 1: You have to take the pic yourself! Hold the camera slightly above your head and angle your face to show the left side more. This angle is very flattering!

Step 2: Make sure your lighting is perfect. Filters can do wonders, but so can sunlight!

Step 3: Wear your fave makeup. You'll feel like your most confident self.

Step 4: Strike a pose! You know you have a signature pose ;) cheese!

Step 5: For the cherry on top, modify the pic to your liking. Filters and cropping and effects, oh my!
Follow these steps and you'll be that must closer to winning:
-You drawn into an official DC Comics Batgirl comic book
-A copy of the official DC Comics Batgirl comic book that includes you
-Your framed image from the comic book
-A limited edition Batgirl statue
-A $150 Ardene gift card

*3 heroic secondary prizes to be won!
Good luck being a superhero selfie snapper! xox

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