In honour of a new school year, we present to you the top 10 best high school movies of all time. 
If you haven't seen these classics, you need to cue up the Netflix and watch 'em, like, yesterday. 

Five high school students meet in detention on a Saturday. Guaranteed good times, right?  Plus you can't help but be all like Emiliooooo. Starring the ultimate queen of 80's teen movies Molly Ringwald <3

Wise guy Ferris Bueller plays hooky from school (by pretending he was sick, #classic) and spends his day off running around town in a "borrowed" Ferrari, and hiding from his insane principle. Obvious crazy times ensue.

As if we need to explain. Cher (Alicia Silverstone) & Dionne take on the ultimate makeover project, turning Tye (Brittany Murphy) into the ultimate valley girl. Oh and also....Paul Rudd. Enough said.

High school hottie Freddie Prinze Jr. takes on a bet to turn the least popular girl in school, played by Rachael Leigh Cook, into a prom queen. Everything's gotta go to plan, because it's 1999, amirite?

Drew Barrymore poses as a high school student so she can write an article on contemporary teenage culture for work. She somehow (despite some serious awkwardness) manages to infiltrate the most popular clique on campus...and falls in love with her dreamy English teacher. Awww. A must watch for Drew in braces and metallic pink (criiiinnge).

The new kid in town (aka baby Joseph Gordon Levitt) needs to find a guy to date the meanest girl in school, aka the older sister of the girl he's crushing on because she isn't allowed to date until her mean sister does. Bring some tissues, this movies stars Heath Ledger in all his hottness.

The Toros, one of the best cheerleading squads in the country, get a super rude awakening when they learn that their perfectly-choreographed routines were actually stolen from the Clovers- a hip hop squad from East Compton. Now they must scramble up some new recruits and some new material. These are not spirit fingers! THESE ARE SPIRIT FINGERS.

Cady, the new girl in school, becomes "friends" with an A-list clique of girls which is totally fetch until she falls in love with Aaron Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of the ultimate mean girl and queen bee Regina George. And that's totes against the rules of feminism.

Lies, rumours, lies, rumours, repeat. Olive (Emma Stone) quickly gets a super bad reputation, but uses it to her advantage to climb the social ladder, and make a little $$$ on the side. After watching this, you will probably have Pocketful of Sunshine stuck in your head for the rest of the semester.

Beca (Anna Kendrick) doesn't necessarily want to be a part of a clique at her new school, but ends up joining the Bellas, a competitive bunch of musical weirdos. The music is pretty awesome, and Fat Amy Fat Patricia Rebel Wilson is hiiiilarious. Don't miss the scene with the burrito, it's da besssssss.

Tell us your fave in the comments!



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