It's totem time. We're headed to the Osheaga Music & Arts Festival in 10 days and we wanted to make our presence known! We'll be rocking this flag in the crowds, so if you're wearing Ardene, and you spot this flag at anytime during the festival, come see us! We'll snap your pic and you could get Insta famous on our Instagram and at #cyberceleb

These totems are seriously great if you're travelling to a fest with a huge crew of friends. Some of you wanna catch Kendrick, the rest want to swoon with Florence? No worries. If you've got your own totem, you can split up worry-free knowing you'll easily find each other later by spotting your very own flag! Here's how to make your own so you never lose your friends again!

You will need:
-A branch
-Decorative beads
-Twine rope
-Suede rope
-Glue gun & glue sticks
-Paint pens or paint & brush
-A scarf (an old one or a sweet new one)
*Pick a color theme you'd like to work with so that your flag looks bomb! We went with turquoise, beige & brown.*
Step 1: Wrap some brown suede string around the bottom of the branch for a comfortable handle. Secure it in place with some hot glue.
Step 2: String some beads onto twine for a cool bohemian vibe. You can make these as long as you want and secure the ends with knots.
Step 3: Glue some feathers together with hot glue and wrap some beige and black suede string around the stems. You're going to tie these strings around your stick so repeat this step until you have as many "feather strings" as you like!
Step 4: Grab a scarf you don't mind cutting up and, well, get to cutting! Cut fringes on the ends so you can tie them around the branch. 
Step 5: Time to tie and glue everything all along the branch. Adjust the length of your feather and bead strings here. Voila!

Optional: If you want to paint or make designs on your branch, go ahead! The more the better.
Enjoy this amazing DIY, and don't forget to look for us at Oshie!

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