The roads were calling to us, the sun was peeking through the cloudy sky, and we knew it was time. So we packed our bags and hopped in the car for a camping weekend getaway.

We closed our eyes and pointed to a spot on the map. Our adventure would take us to Shawinigan, in the backwoods of Quebec. The air smelled promising.

After many winding roads and endless playlists, we found what we were seeking: Camp Minogami. Let the adventures begin.

The camp smelled of memories of decades past, the decor a nod to all coziness we had hoped for.

The lake was constantly whispering for us to jump in, and the wind brought us smells of the surrounding forest.

Clad in our best boots and comfiest clothes, we tread through the woods with the echoing crunch of leaves. Together we walked.

Our friendship would forever be solidified. The bond was eternal, we all knew it. The camp had made us sisters.

The feeling of freedom was contagious. For a bunch of girls like us, this getaway weekend was a breath of fresh air.

Our canoe rides took us beyond the lake and into the river, where we reflected on coming back soon.

And the sun promised us we would be back someday.

We hope you enjoyed the story of our camping weekend getaway.

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