When you think New York City, you may think Times Square, Central Park, Broadway, 5th Ave... But there's a new kid at school and he's so cool: meet Brooklyn.
Oh yeah, we're going there. Literally. 
Brooklyn's the new borough to hit up if you're in NYC, with its amazing coffee shops, hipster music stores to jam in, food festivals to get stuffed at and bridges to cross.
We want to share with you the places we're defs hitting up this year when we're in town for
Gov Ball! 
Duh, how can we not? If you haven't heard of The Cone yet, it's time you did. Coney Island is on the Atlantic Ocean coast and home to amusement parks, beaches, baseball stadiums, the works. Go take a ride on the Wonder Wheel or catch a Cyclones baseball game at MCU Park.
"Did we mention it was, like, super popular?"

Brooklyn Bridge
Probably one of the most recognizable bridges in da world (plus, you've probs heard about it a million times in Jay Z songs.) The Brooklyn Bridge is a landmark you cannot skip when you're in the Big Apple. Rent a Citi Bike in Manhattan and ride across the bridge all the way into Brooklyn Bridge Park. Be camera-ready for the most breathtaking views of the NYC skyline.
"Insert Jay Z song here for the ultimate romantic stroll."

Rapidly becoming a must when visiting New York, this flea market-style gathering happens every weekend and features ah-mazing finds for anything and everything. Unearth unique items for your room and see what the artisans are showing off...and don't forget to go stuff your face at the Smorgasburg.

"Don't really need this...but I'll take 14 anyways."

Started within the Brooklyn Flea universe, Smorgasburg is an amazing weekend food festival with ALL THE FOOOOOOD. Now open in several locations (see Brooklyn Bridge Park), you can enjoy incredible street food, the outdoors, and the view all at once. You CAN'T pass this up.
"Made out with a hot dog? Oh my god that was one time!"
Record stores
As we're here for Gov Ball, we can't leave without hitting up THE best vinyl record stores ever. Check out Rough Trade, Earwax Records, and Halcyon when cruising through the Brooklyn hoods. 
"Can I be a hipster yesterday?"
Let us know what you love most about Brooklyn in the comments below, and don't forget to @mention us if you're heading to Governors Ball!
Happy Wednesday xox

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