We were completely enamored with Florence + the Machine at Coachella this year... which, by the way, (not so) fun fact, Flo broke her foot while jumping off the stage on opening weekend. #sadnessensues #butcanshestillsingtho
We've been ob-sess-ed (to say the least) with F&TM since their debut album Lungs in '09. It's hard to name just a few hits as there are so many, but if you're not familiar with this group, you need to hop on the feelswagon ASAP and start listening to some Machine tracks.
We promise you will fall under Welch's spell because her voice is like a unicorn singing a mermaid to sleep... yeah, like fantastical good, not even kidding).
Here are some tunes you NEED to know (click on the tracks for some Spotify lovin'):
Now, for the pièce de résistance, in honor of the music vid going live exactly 5 years ago, and to their upcoming performance at Governors Ball, here's Cosmic Love. (Click here for the unplugged version).

Happy Monday, music lovers xox
#11days til #GovBall

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