For many of you out there, PROM IS COMING!!! How exciting. You'll get to wear beautiful dresses, get your huurrrr & makeup done, and probably pick out the most amazing yet uncomfortable shoes in the history of ever. But whatevsssss it's proooommm.
Prom is a rite we've all been through, so we thought we could give you our expert advise on what to bring with you in that teeny tiny purse aka clutch of yours. Here is a foolproof (tried and true!) checklist of what's really important to bring with you to that oh so special event.

1. Band-Aids: Your poor little feet aren't used to wearing Lady Gaga shoes, girl! Blisters are bound to happen...so save yourself some pain!

2. Tylenol/Advil: Nothing worse than a headache or some unexpected pains during a night out like this one. Stop it in its tracks!

3. Gum & mints: Do we really need to explain? 

4. Floss picks: We know ya flossed like a boss before going to prom, but that spinach salad looks better in the plate than in your teeth.

5. Keys & ID: From experience, coming back home late (like, kinda super late) and not having keys makes you wanna crawl into a bear den more than wake up a sleepy mom (or grumpy dad lol)

6. Cash & credit card: You should never leave the house without a bit of moola! You might need to stop somewhere and buy stuff.

7. Prom ticket: You're gonna look super cute when you show up to prom without the invite. Best be safe and check it off!

8. Phone: AS IF you'd go anywhere without it. Plus, you need a camera to capture the moment. To capture all the moments! #SelfieSelfieSelfie

9. Lipstick/gloss: After hours of picture taking and eating, it'll be time to reapply.

10. Eyeliner: Not that you're gonna get emotional or anything... but what if you cry your eyeliner off? That cat-eye CANNOT become a cat-bye. We won't let it!

11. Blotting paper: Trust us, oily skin don't look good on Insta, son.

12. Mirror: For those touch ups without going to the bathroom with your posse.

13. Mini hairspray can: There's a time & place for a bad hair day - NEVER & in the trash!

14. Bobby pins: As aforementioned, bad hair days suck, especially if you spent hours getting your hair did! Bring these guys to tuck strands back where they belong.

Don't forget to take tons of pics and enjoy yourself!!! Prom is for creating beautiful memories xox

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