Happy Victoria Day weekend Canadian friends!!!
If you're planning on taking a breather and going to the lake for a few days, or simply going away for a long weekend anywhere/anytime, here's what you need to pack for a perfect getaway.

It's always good to bring a backpack (get backpacks here!!!) with you to tote around the important stuff that a purse just can't hold: shoes, cosmetics, a towel, PJs, extra clothing, etc.

Whenever you go away to the beach, the lake house, the park (pretty much anywhere more fun than school/work lol) don't forget to bring a towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, a camera (your phone will do) and some drinks & food...mmm picnic grub.

Here's the perfect daytime outfit: shorts, tank, sleeveless vest, sunnies & sneakers. Sneak a bikini under there and you're ready to go!

Bring 2 bikinis just in case the first isn't dry the second day! Putting on a moist cold bikini is THE WORST!
When the sun sets and it's time to head over to the campfire, slip on some BF jeans and a flannel shirt...you'll be cozy in no time!
Share pics of your Victoria Day weekend ootds with us on Insta with #ardenelove! Share the love xoxo

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