In honor of Governors Ball and the contest we're having (check it out here), we wanted to share with you the coolest DIY-graphic-plaid-shirt in the history of ever.

The shirt featured in today's DIY is the same one we're giving away for the NYC City Girl festival kit (but any plaid shirt will do!).
Here's what you'll need to transform this shirt from plaid to baaad...but in a good way ;)
Some fabric paint (found at your local craft store)
Step 1: Decide what you want on the back. We chose "MUSIC IS MY BOYFRIEND" because music is totally our boyfriend.
Step 2: Unbutton the shirt and lay flat. Make sure the fabric has no creases in it. We used some objects to help weigh down the fabric.

Step 3: With your fabric paint and a paintbrush of your choice (smaller is better than bigger), paint the letters or design. Take your time! A little goes a long way, and you can always add more paint.

Step 4: Give as many coats as you feel is needed. We kept going until the paint was opaque everywhere.
Step 5: A crucial step in all arts & crafts... let it dry! Tick tock tick tock.

Voila! You've got yourself one really cool urban look for festival season. Not to mention you'll be the only one rocking this exact shirt!

Enjoy a painting sesh with friends, and don't forget to share your artwork! Let us see what you came up with on Instagram using #ardenediy

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