We all have our guilty pleasures and this week, we've been guiltily OB-SESSED with an app called My Idol. (Bear with us, it's a Chinese app, and fully in Mandarin! We hear there's talks of an English release soon. Maybe even one for Android.)

You've probably noticed your fave celebs posting themselves as animated cartoons on Instagram and Twitter and now so can you!

Here's how it works: once you've downloaded the app and watched the intro video (which is actually super useful if you don't speak Mandarin), take a selfie and get ready to laugh your hats off.
You can modify your avatar in every way possible. Hair, eyes, age, outfit, you name it! Then, put yourself in a hilarious setting such as singing karaoke on a pink beach, dancing dressed like a panda, and SO much more!

We took our model Kamilla and transformed her into an awesome Chinese celeb! Ch-ch-check it out below! The quality is waaaay better on your phone p.s.


Follow Kamilla (and what she actually looks like) on Insta @kamillaalnes1

Post your funny MyIdol videos on Insta or Twitter & could be featured!

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