Look who it is! We are with the lovely Norwegian beauty Kamilla this week and we couldn't be more excited. Our beautiful model came to see us for a few days and was super excited to do this how-to blog post with us!

Here's how to get the perfect temp tats on your skin. You'll need your tats, some water, and a sponge or rag or paper towel (we used a makeup sponge).

Step 1: Take your flash tattoo and peel off the plastic layer. Press the tattoo down onto the skin firmly.  If you don't want the whole tattoo, cut it! Select what you want as a tat and cut around.

Step 2: Take your very damp cloth/sponge and sponge water over the entire area, pressing down firmly. Keep sponging for a good 30 seconds!

Step 3: The cardboard paper should now be soaked. Gently & slowly peel back the paper to reveal the imprinted tattoo! Let air dry.

Don't stop there! Change your outfit and keep layering them for a different look. Flash tattoos are cool in a group!

Beautiful!!! You're fest & beach ready.

Tips: avoid creams and lotions that contain alcohol. This will remove the tattoo. Once you are ready to take it off, take a cotton pad & some rubbing alcohol and gently rub in circular motions.
Show us your temp tats on insta using #ardenerocks.

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  1. Wow so informative.Now go play in the water with your smoke and your sun and shimmer and glimmer.And yes you can play in the water and not worry about a little oil or water because

    makes waterproof designs!