EASTER IS THIS WEEKEND!!! We're so excited for chocolate. If you're going over to someone's house and want to give them a little something personal, here's an idea: decorate your own little burlap bag to stuff with goodies like chocolate and candy!
We got some plastic Easter eggs and filled them with yummy goodies, put a little bit of straw in the bag and voila! Let's be honest, Grams might shed a tear.
Here's what you need! (feel free to add/subtract any of these)
Drawstring burlap bags ( we got ours at Michaels) 
Glue gun & glue sticks
Fabric markers & sharpies
Glitter glue
Mini letter beads
Plastic Easter eggs
Candy/chocolate of your choice
Colorful straw
& anything else you want to get creative with!
Step 1: Start by blinging out your bag. You can write a message, bead someone's name, a poem, a catchphrase...the sky's the limit! 

Step 2: Go nuts with glitter! You can write up anything you want and use your glue gun to make the glitter stick.
Here we are halfway... no one said it was a clean job!

Step 3: Take your eggs and fill them up with dat suga. We want Grams to be totally hyper this Easter (sorry Gramps!).

Step 4: Put some straw at the bottom of your bag and fill it with eggs. So cute!

Time to give the gift of hyperactivity! Warning: all the candy may or may not be eaten within, like, 10 minutes.

Who cares, it's Easter!!!

Have a great weekend! xox

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