Oh how we love pastels. Better yet, pastel chalk for our hair! It's like showering our mane with candy!  #delishhh

Here's an easy how-to on chalking up your hair with temp color. Perfect if you're heading out to a festival this spring/summer! And hey, even if fests aren't your thang, you can totally rock this look anywhere. Ok, maybe not to the water slides...Or the beach if you plan on going in the water....Ok soooo pretty well anywhere! 

Step 1: Start with clean, styled hair! Marilou's got the beach wave thing goin on. We <3

Step 2: Pick your chalk! We've got cool pigmented colors like pink, purple, blue & green.

Step 3: Draw on the ends of your strands by rubbing the chalk up-down. You can rub in the color between your fingers. BEWARE! Hair chalk is supra dupra pigmented. Wear gloves if you have to.

Step 4: Do your whole head! #goingcray

Step 5: You can stop here if you like the dip-dyed look. But heyyyy...who in the world only has one piece of candy and is satisfied? Thought so...ADD SOME MORE!!
Add different colors above the ends.

Step 6: #StartedAtTheBottomNowWeHere. Once your mermaid rainbow is perfected, lock everything in place with hairspray. A flat iron also help the color stay put. 

Optional: If you want a less intense look, brush out your hair. The color will be super subtle! 

Tie half-up & braid for super-trendy festival (or go pretty well anywhere except near water) hair!

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