To kick-start the Spring season (offish tomorrow, yay!), check this out! Got a maxi that's asking for it? Say no more. Fringe skirts are all over the runway and will be all over festival grounds in no time. This DIY is so flexible you can really make it to your liking. Ready? LET'S DO ITTTTT.
To fringe that skirt, you'll need:
A maxi skirt
A pair of sharp scissors
Fabric chalk or marker

Step 1: Easy as pie, just take a maxi skirt (or dress!) and decide where you want the fringe to stop. The skirt we chose has a print that is easy to cut since the lines are horizontal, so we didn't need to mark it.

Step 2: Take your scissors and cut 2 straight lines up to where you marked it. This is where you decide how thick you want your fringes to be.

Step 3: Repeat all around! Here's what halfway looks like.

PS if patience isn't a virtue for you, trust us, it will become one! But it's sooo worth it...look!

You can do asymmetric cuts, high-low cuts, thick fringes, thin fringes, long & short fringes, the sky's the limit!

Have fun and share your DIYness with us on Insta using #ardenediy.

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