We all know that accessories can absolutely transform an outfit. They're cute, they're colorful, and they can be so useful!
Here are 5 absolute musts to have with you at festivals, because we know they will come in handy!
You're gonna have these babies on the entire time the sun is up. Our sunnies have 100% UV protection! Keep your peepers protected.

A multifunctional item it is. The circle scarf can be used has a bandana slash handkerchief if ever those little sandstorms show up. Dusty sand in the face? No gracias.

Your iPhone, aka your entire life, needs to stay protected! Make it super cute by switching up your cases. Fit them to your outfit!

4. Shoes
OMG, shoes. Nix the flip flops when you're at a festival, you don't want muddy feet, to get stepped on, or...losing one #WapWapWaaaaaapp.

5. Hats
Not only can it get really sunny & bright, but it's nice to shade your face when it's a scorcher out. And by adding a baseball cap, you're adding mad style to your A-game, too.

With all these bad boys, you're set to go rock out and enjoy live music, the sun, art, fun people, and life in general.

Happy hump day! xox

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