With Spring Break around the corner, some of you will be off to warmer climates to enjoy el sol.
Although the beach requires less clothing to wear, it doesn't mean we all don't go through the whole "what am I going to wear" before we head out. Sandy beaches aren't just for bikinis anymore, they've made way for the large array of accessories that we can't live without!
Find out which bundle you would bring to the beach with you by taking the quiz below:

1. You have a dinner party to go to and all your friends are going to be there. You style your hair:
a) In a top bun, because you love the "out of your face" look
b) In old school classic waves, à la Serena van der Woodsen
c) Au naturel; you have zero time for styling and you let it do its thang

2. You win a trip to the beach and have 3 options. You choose to go to:
a) Belize 
b) The Hamptons
c) Laguna Beach

3. Your summer go-to sandal is always:
a) your boho laid back sandals 
b) your crystal-studded leather sandals
c) your trusty rubber flip flops

4. You wake up late and have to do your makeup on the go. Before you leave, you grab these 3 items:
a) bronzer, gold eye shadow & gloss
b) black liquid eyeliner, matte red lipstick & falsies
c) a BB cream, lip balm & waterproof mascara

5. Who is your celebrity girl crush?
a) Kylie Jenner
b) Taylor Swift
c) Shay Mitchell

6. What guy would you take to prom with you?
a) Harry Styles
b) Brooklyn Beckham
c) Nash Grier

7. Would you rather:
a) go swimming under a waterfall 
b) sail on a catamaran with your fam-jam
c) play beach volleyball against a team of hot guys

8. You've got your headphones in and you're jamming away. What are you listening to?
a) Beyoncé
b) Ed Sheeran
c) The latest Diplo tracks

9. It's a rainy Sunday and you are staying in. You're wearing:
a) Yoga shorts and a tank
b) Sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt
c) Sweatpants and a school tee

10. Time for a mani. You always tend to go for:
a) Nude
b) Classic red
c) A different color on each nail









If you've answered mainly A's, you're:

Tropical Trendsetter

 Your style is chill and inspired by the mysteries of the rainforest. You love pineapples and prints. Flowers and ferns. Neons and hints of neutrals. Flower crowns? Uh yes please! Your outfits are always crowd pleasers and you instantly put people in a good mood with your positive & happy vibes. #GOODVIBESONLY

If you've answered mainly B's, you're:

East Coast Charm

You have the words "sophisticated style" down to a tee. High-waisted shorts and stripes are always your first choices, and your accessories scream "I just came back from sailing, don't mind me." Sometimes you rock the red lips even though you're at the beach. Who says you can't, anyways?

If you've answered mainly C's, you're:

South Beach Sportsmanship

You mean business. If there's a volleyball game planned, you're already stretching. The beach is your playground, and your accessories are there to help you win. One-piece swimsuits and flip flops are the easiest thing to have on when throwing a Frisbee. Winner takes all, after all.

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