Happy freaky Friday, y'all!
We don't know about you, but we've been getting Intense Shopping Syndrome as of late. ISS is a serious condition that can only be fixed by going shopping and buying new things for your closet.
Items you spend on can range from obsessed-wear & normal-wear to never-to-be-worn-again. The latter is unfortunate, but we all get a little excited when we shop, and we sometimes buy things that we won't wear (like, ever.) but we find them super cute!!!
Trust us, this won't ever happen with these bad boys aka you'll wear them all the time! Here are 3 things you need NOW (aka go this weekend). Yes, they scream Spring, but whatever! We're so excited! PS these items can be winterized and summerized so there's your excuse right there if someone says, "omg Karen, you can't just buy stuff."
1. Socks with sandals (yes, gramps!)

Ok, so some of you might have to ease into this one. But socks with sandals are like boyfriends and best friends: when it finally gets too warm and you ditch the socks, the sandals are still there!

2. High-waisted denim shorts

Does this look scream Coachella or what. Even if you're not going to dance in a desert with people covered in feathers and paint, the festival look is something to have and cherish. Although it's minus deathstare degrees outside right now, you can still rock these with tights when the weather is a bit more forgiving.

3. The tradish graphic tee

*Traditional* aka with cats on it #loveforever. This tee is for cat & dog lovers alike! T-shirts are good all year, because when it's colder you can throw on a hoodie and when it's warmer you can wear it like I woke up like dis. Don't forget your cargo pants and your boat shoes (a sentence we never thought would ever be uttered...but look how adorbs!)

Have a nice weekend!
Go freshen up your closet a little, it's good for the soul <3

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