Got a t-shirt that you love love love, but feel like giving it a little update? Anything is possible with scissors, dear (except running, don't run with scissors). Licensed tees are so cool to own, so why not make them unique to you? Here are 2 cool tees that we modified to fit your style.

How to DIY your graphic tees

Here's what you'll need...
-A graphic t-shirt
-A pair of sharp scissors
-Measuring tape
-Fabric chalk or a marker
-A flat surface
Let's start off with Bambi. Bambi is adorable, cute, whimsical... and Bambi needs a trim. Time to crop this baby!
First, lay the t-shirt down on a flat surface.

Then, using your measuring tape, measure where you'll want to crop the tee. We decided to chop 8 inches off this bad boy.
Using your fabric chalk (or whatever you've got), make a mark where the line has to be drawn.
Then, flip the measuring tape so it goes across the t-shirt. Draw a dotted line to guide your scissors.
You'll want to cut just above the line you drew so there are no traces of chalk on the t-shirt you'll be wearing. Go on... snippety snip!
Oh, look! IT'S ALIVE!
Measure, dot, snip, and done. Look how cute Kass looks!

Now.... let's try something different. How about some Vader action up in here?

We're totally gonna muscle tee the Justin Bieber out of this t-shirt.
First, draw the dotted line where you'd like to cut.
Do this on both sleeves and cut away, bro.

OMG you're gonna look so... muscly? Yeah your new tee.
Yeah, that's right, Yo soy tu padre...your sleeveless padre!
Show us your mad DIY skills by hashtagging #ArdeneDIY on Insta & you could be featured on our feed.
Happy snipping! xox

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