New Year, New Me: have you been sticking to your new year's resolutions?
26 days after commitment day- how have you been doin? Working out #beastmode? Hope so! If you've been slacking, don't give up!
The key to a great workout is:
1. Appropriate attire - When wearing the right apparel for the activity you do, it makes it 3 times easier for you to actually want to do it! A good sports bra, sweat-proof underwear and cushioned socks are simple undergarments that make a difference.
2. Good shoes - Sneakers come in all shapes and sizes. Find a pair that suits your needs (aka extra cushioning if you have bad knees, higher sides if you have weak ankles, etc.).
3. A great playlist - Music will determine if you're in it to win it or in it to put a donut in it. And we all know what a trip to Micky D's after a workout looks like #notagoodidea
So in order to put you in the mood of a wonderful and fantastically sweaty workout, here's one of our favorite pump up tunes to listen to when on the treadmill or lifting nuggets weights in front of the mirrors.

Have a good workout xox

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