TGIF and happy end of the first week and of the longest-coldest day ever omg. Do you also have the winter blues (already)? Yeah. So. Do. We.
And no, we DON'T wanna build a snowman, Anna!
We want to pour that hot David's Tea on ourselves by accident on purpose just to warm up. Our dogs are faking injuries so they don't have to go for walks. Something must be done, and we thought of a few ways to cheer you up!
1. Friends is now on Netflix and you know what that means...
THE best show on TV from 1994-2004, Friends is a must watch, from Phoebe's Smelly Cat to "OH. MY. GOD. Chandlah. Beng." #Janice
2. January 21st is Hugging Day! Make it a holiday with your buds. Or, make it a competition and see how many people you can hug in a day!
There's nothing like a warm, homey, affectionate hug. You know who gives the best hugs? Your imaginary boyfriend dog.
3. Yes, yes. We know Into the Woods has been out since Christmas. But now that the craze has died down, you can go on Cheapy Tuesday and enjoy it with your bff. Or alone. Hey, we love emos, too!
We haven't seen it yet, but according to IMDb, Into the Woods is about "A witch that tasks a childless baker and his wife with procuring magical items from classic fairy tales to reverse the curse put on their family tree."
All we know is we saw Johnny Depp in a wolf costume in the previews and we were totally on board.
4. Wait a sec... that doesn't look right...

That looks waaaaay more accurate.
Yeah, we're not going outside.
5. Only One by Paul McCartney (FROM THE BEATLES, PEOPLE) and Kanye West (from Kanye West yo) just came out and it's beautiful!
BTW, stay tuned next week, we have to address this whole "Who is Paul McCartney" debate that is going on online.
Go listen to the song, it's super mellow and it'll take away your blues!
If that won't do the trick, think about how much Kanye loves himself, that should work!
Happy Friday guys, be good this weekend! xox

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