Here it is yet again, the last day of the year. New Year's is almost always synonymous with "New Year's resolutions." We want to give ourselves a good starting point to accomplish something.
Do you make resolutions each year? I know I can't cuz I lose focus, and then make a resolution about being healthier and ...ooh look A CUPCAKE!
I like to think that resolutions should mean something, maybe even a daily action you accomplish. Let's call them New Year's Challenges.
Let's start off with 5, and I challenge you all to build your list! Make 2015 interesting, make it memorable, MAKE IT COUNT!
This is a wonderful discovery. The Ulysses Bucket List is designed to give someone you meet a challenge to accomplish, and receive a challenge from them in return. You must have already accomplished the challenge that you pass on to the person. It can be something as simple as reading a book of poetry, or something #craycray like skydiving! You have a lifetime to do it.
2. Leave the country, by any means
Get outta town, literally! Take this year to leave the homeland and travel abroad. Got no cash? Got no problem! Apply for a volunteer job in a faraway land or to school abroad, and get some air under your wings. Like Elvis said, "It's now or never."
3. Keep a diary (a real one!)
 We all have computers and tablets and the latest in tech, but whatever happened to the good ol' paper diary? There's just something about writing in pen your thoughts, ideas, feelings, adventures, misadventures, and everything in between. The way you write and your penmanship is part of who you are, so make it a memory!
4. Save up, no matter the amount
Get a "no-touch account." What's that you say, Miss Piggy Bank? A no-touch account is a bank account that automatically gets money transferred to it every week (or bi-weekly) that you cannot take out (unless you meet up with a financial advisor). If you set yourself a goal of $10/week, next year you will have a nice little sum of $520 to spoil yourself with.
5. Break a bad habit
Why not try? It's a bad habit for a reason: it's baaaad, gurl. Stop biting those nails. Quit frying your hair with that curling wand everyday. Try not to say "like" every other word. Don't skip breakfast anymore. Turn down the volume in your headphones: you only get 1 pair of ears! It might be hard at first, but once you realize that you've broken the habit, you will feel like absolute gold!
And with these I leave you to celebrate the end of yet another year. I hope you take this change of year to change something about yourself that you've been meaning to, and to change someone else's life for the better! Happy New Year, be kind, and pay it forward!

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