The holidays are a wonderful time to let your inner Martha Stewart shine. Here are some fun and creative ideas for DIY tree ornaments!
Here is what you'll need for a variety of ornaments:
-Clear glass or plastic globe ornaments
-Chalkboard paint + chalk
-Sponge brush
-Letter beads
For the chalkboard ornament, paint the entire globe and let dry 1 hour.

Paint a second coat and let dry another hour.
For the winter wonderland globe, string the letter beads through some rope and tie a knot on each end. Using whatever branch you have, cut up some pieces small enough to fit into your globes. Add in glitter for fake snow.
For the feather globes, insert small feathers and matching glitter into your ornament. You can even put in some secret messages!
The rope globes are the most rustic and easiest: just stuff in some rope and voila! It's cute as is!
They all look so cute in the tree!!!
Chalk up a message on your chalkboard globe! #SoCute #ChalkboardObsessed
Have fun! Show us your ornament skills with #ARDENEDIY on Instagram!

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