Did you know your favorite pieces can follow you around all year? The key is layering: adding layers of clothing until you get the desired look or warmth you want!
There are all kinds of looks you can achieve by layering the right pieces... & here are two different looks with the same types of layers: one for the naughty and one for the nice!

Layer 1: Button up shirt (extra points for plaid!)

Layer 2: Add a sweater (the fuzzier the better!)

Checkpoint: Button up the collar for a naughty AND nice look.

Layer 3: Leather up! Time for a jacket.

Layer 4: Add that beanie!

All layered up:

And what if you've been good?...

Layer 1: Button up shirt (and we're super down for denim & white!)
Checkpoint: For the nice look, you def need that collar buttoned up!
Layer 2: Fuzzy sweater time (& pretty in pink)
Layer 3: Cape or cardi, you choose!
Layer 4: A fuzzy beanie to cover those ears

All layered up:
Which one are you? Naughty or nice?
Let us know in the comments which look you'd love the most.

1 comment:

  1. Def the buttoned up collar. A nice look, but also kind of rebellious. I never used to do up the top button but now it is the only way. Love that plaid shirt BTW.