It's early, we know, but you'll thank us when you're at home chilling with a book & cider rather than running to the nearest mall around, oh I don't know, DECEMBER 24TH (stop denying it, we saw you last year because we were there too whatttt).

It's time to spoil your loved ones without spoiling the surprise. Oh, the possibilities! Not to worry, we're here to help :)

1. Grams
Guess what. She thinks YOU are the best gift on earth. She also really likes ugly sweaters... So have a stab at an ugly Christmas sweater. Yes, it's unconventional, but so is Nana.
Grams, Grams, here's a sweater...
Looks good on me, but on you better!
Grams, Grams, you're pinching my cheek!
Can you bake me dessert all week?

2. BFF
You guys are practically married (if not actually married on FB #letsbehonest). So pick something that you would like for yourself. You're the same person anyway.
You know all my secrets,
Don't tell a soul,
I'll spill the beans to Santa,
And he'll give you coal!
I'm just kidding, my friendship is true,
You know very well that I love you!

3. Mom
Christmas is a great time to stylize your mom without her noticing. So pick something trendy that she normally wouldn't try!
Mommy dearest, I love you so,
Under the Christmas tree, my gift will go.
You may smile and you may start crying,
Just remember I'm your #1 child, forget my siblings ;)

4. Sis
If you have a sister, you know it's sometimes hard to please her (is she *coughs* difficult *coughs*?) PJs to chill in are awesome to give. Plus, they're already gift-wrapped!
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I borrowed your straightener and broke it
Have you seen the weather outside, it's beautiful today!

If you're feeling stumped, check out the Gift Shop for more ideas!

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