Here's what you'll need to make your home smell like everything you love:
1. Tabbed pre-cut wicks (we used these)
2. Unscented soy* wax shavings (right here)
3. Candle oil fragrance (we used apple crisp #oohbaby)
4. Candle wax dye** (green here)
5. Glass containers of your choice (we love mason jars!)
6. A candy thermometer
7. A pot & a large glass bowl (for your double boiler)
8. A pen/pencil/skewer (to hold your wick while pouring the wax)
 *You can also use paraffin wax, but soy wax doesn't burn as quickly. Avoid beeswax as it doesn't retain scent so well.
**Food coloring won't work! You can also skip this step if you want white candles.
Step 1: Set all your things out. You have to work quickly once the wax is at the right temperature.
Step 2: Fill your pot halfway with water and set to boil on stovetop. Place your bowl over the pot to create a double boiler.
Step 3: Add your wax.

Step 4: As your wax is melting, check the temperature. Once it reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit, remove from heat.
Step 5: Add in your dye. Mix well with a spoon you don't mind throwing away (wax is the original overly attached girlfriend). The color you see now will lighten considerably and become opaque.

Step 6: Add in your fragrance. Check measurements on the bottle; do not rely on scent alone! Mmmmm...Apple Crisp.
Step 7: Once your wax has cooled down to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, it's ready to be poured. Pour a few drops of wax in your containers to secure your wick tabs. Wrap your wicks around a pen or skewer and set on top of the container in the center.
 Step 8: Pour your wax into the containers. Looks like coffee but trust us, it's really not ;)

Step 9: Let the candles cool for at least 5 hours (the more the better) and trim the wicks to about 1/4 inch. You'll see, the candles will get super light in color.
"Tick tock tick tock."
Voila! These are great to give as gifts or to keep for yourself ;) If you're super artsy, you can decorate your jars to your liking!
You can make these with your BFF or your family!
Have fun xox

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