Guess what's happening Friday... IT'S HALLOWEEN!!! Dressing up is always fun, and so is eating candy (and the ensuing shame of eating too much & belly aches). We've been listening to Halloween music non-stop since mid-September earlier this month, especially this playlist, and we came across some pretty good tunes from our fave guys Panic! At the Disco.
Here's a cool cover of This is Halloween from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas.

A little eerie, you say? We totes agree. Or, maybe it's their eyeliner. Either way, we <3 it because it reaaaaaally gets us into the Halloween spirit!
What are you dressing up as? Keep scrolling down for deets on a costume contest we're having right meow. We won't judge if you don't have your costume yet. Like, if you're getting it...Friday. We won't judge. We don't have ours yet either no judging here #SoLastMinute #MomIsAnnoyed
Have fun collecting candy!

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