And grizzly ghouls from every tomb are closing in to seal your doom! Thanks MJ, for those lyrics, we miss you #michaeljacksonforevazzz
We get overly excited when October shows itself, cause then we get to dig into our archives and listen to the most awesome Halloween songs ever. Then we start wishing we were witches and vampires and stuff, and we binge-watch Vampire Diaries and pretend we're dating Paul Wesley (or Ian Somerhalder? We don't know, we're team Both Those Guys).
"You're welcome."
Also, Steven McQueen.
"Yeah. You're welcome for that one too, bro."
But wait. How could we forget:
"Yeah, since it's Halloween, I'll have the hair, the face, and the legs, please. Oh, could I get that body on the side as well? Thanks. It's cheat day."
Now, enough with the hot people. Did we come here to listen to some awesome ghoulish tunes or what? Here's a playlist you can listen to over and over again until your fave holiday creeps around the corner.

Have a spook-tastic day!

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